PathAway Professional Edition for Android Released

Screenshot PathAway for Android

PathAway Professional Edition has all of the features of PathAway GPS 5 - Express Edition plus new features targeted towards power users and professionals. Of significance, PathAway PRO has 2-way wireless remote location tracking. See where others are right from your handheld, share your location with others, or send to a central tracking service. Also, with PathAway Professional, you can view your route or track on the Profile View Screen to see your location and speed on an elevation profile map.

Location Sharing and Remote Tracking

PathAway FindMe offers a simple online service where your can share your location. After posting your location to the PathAway FindMe service, go to to view the last location on a Google map.

Send My Location: (SMS capability or Internet connection required)

Send current GPS location to another user or remote tracking service via SMS or Http protocol. See PathAway Send/Receive Format document for the supported send formats. Send manually via command, or have location sent automatically based on the following frequency intervals:

  • Automatic Time Interval: Send location at the specified time intervals. 
  • Automatic Distance Interval. Send is triggered every x distance traveled. 
  • Automatic Distance Interval from Start. Sends your location as you cross the threshold of the specified distance from your start location. If you move back towards your start location, the trigger will again send the location. This feature is very useful for search and rescue purposes where the distance from a start location is needed in order to determine a search radius. 

>Retrieve Remote Locations (SMS capability or Internet connection required)

As new Remotes are retrieved, they are assigned a default background color for display on the map. This color can be modified by Editing the Remote Item Info. Remotes are tracked by their ID passed along with the location message. The Label for a remote can be modified by the user for easier on-screen identification. 

Retrieval is achieved either when an SMS message containing location information is received, or via automatic or manual polling of an Http-based Tracking server. 

For Servers that return timestamp information, PathAway will download only updated location information. 

On-Map Remote Labels:

 - For each remote location being tracked, the tag on the map can display current location and heading of remotes, course, speed, elevation of remote, date/time of retrieval, distance to, course to, and elevation difference. 

Profile View

 Elevation and Speed Profile view for tracks and routes. View and follow your route based on elevation stored in the route data. Analyze your track log speed and elevation. 

Show Multiple Tracks/Routes on Map

With Pro you can select multiple tracks or routes to display on the map at the same time. If you have recorded many tracks, or you've imported multiple routes then now these can be visible on the map at the same time. The Routes and Tracks dialog's "Show" option, enables you to select which data to show on the map.

In addition, you can store points in multiple Points Databases and select which Points database to display on the screen. A great way to declutter your map views.

Measure Area or the distance between points

 Want to know the distance between 2 points on the map? With the Measure tool you can just click 2 points to get the distance and direction. You can also determine the area coverage of one of your routes, or recorded track logs.

Advanced Features 

Multiple Folders support for Maps

For those with a large number of Maps to manage. PathAway PRO allows the selection of any folder on the internal or external sdcard to be used for storing and retrieving maps. 

Custom User Interface Colors and Styles

Modify color and width of the tracks, routes, and other lines displayed on the screen. Modify the dashboard colors. , and other UI elements. Choose from 3 different position markers and adjust their size and color. On all items, you can also define the level of transparency in order to not clutter the map.

Directional Alarms

In addition to the off-track and altitude warnings, turn instructions, and proximity notifications, PRO now offers different alarm sounds for left and right turns, left and right of off-track warning, and high and low elevation warnings. 

Find Location by Street Address Lookup: (Internet connectivity required)

Enter a street address, then choose from the closest points found. Choose whether to show the point on the map, add a new point, or navigate to the address location.

Time and Distance Radials

Display radials around the map center location showing distances or estimated time to surrounding areas.

Customize Alarm sounds

Modify each different type of alarm sound to suit your preferences.

Map Calibrate and adjustments on the device.

Adjust your custom map calibration using nudge controls, or by adjusting the location of the known points on the map.

Add Turn Instructions to Routes

Insert turn or en route instructions along a route to offer added route guidance. Special alarms will sound for each turn instruction approaching and reached.

Follow Routes in Sequence

This feature will force the system to target the next route point ONLY after you've reached the current point. You can even set it to manual route advance, where you must select the Advance command before the system will move on to the next point.

Other Advanced Settings

- Adjust how time estimates are determined. Ie. Based on Active route, current speed, average speed, activity preset speed, or custom speed.

- Adjust Off-Track warning threshold, for route width, and elevation.

- Adjust closest point in-proximity radius

- Adjust Point naming prefixes

- Adjust zoom level where icons and text labels start to display.

- Primary and Secondary Coordinate display. View multiple coordinate types (Ie. lat/long and UTM) on your dashboard at the same time.