MuskokaTech Releases PathAway GPS Professional Edition for iOS

Advanced features added to the Outdoor Navigation, Tracking and Mapping App

Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, Nov 29, 2014 - MuskokaTech; today announced the release of PathAway Outdoor GPS Professional Edition for iPhone and iPad. Until now PathAway Lite and Express Editions have been a productive Outdoor GPS Navigation, Tracking, Route Planning, and mapping tool for iOS. Now the PRO Edition brings a host of new powerful features, customizability, and on-board data management.

Of significance, PathAway PRO offers 2-way wireless remote location tracking. This enables users to send their location to others, and to monitor where others are, right on their handheld unit. Locations can be sent and received directly to other iOS devices, or sent to a central tracking service. This makes PathAway ideal for activities such as group travel, search and rescue operations, competitive sports, or people and asset tracking.

Additionally, some of the new features include: Elevation/Speed Profile map views, advanced route navigation with Left/right, high/low directional alarms, as well as customizable turn/on-route instructions; On-Screen time and distance radials, custom Alarm sounds, customizable UI colors and line styles; pinpoint feature to improve accuracy of captured points; Advanced data management of track logs, routes, and points; support for X-Traverse marine and topographic online maps.

"These additional advanced features really set PathAway apart as being an incredibly powerful tool for any type of GPS-enhanced application", says Scott, "For example, pilots of aircraft or boats can utilize the new alarms and pace-keeping features to notify them if they stray off their planned course and help them make corrections; the avid Geocacher can manage caches on the handheld and easily import new caches and export caches to share with others; the surveyor can track the perimeter of a plot of land and calculate distances and area".

What some users are saying about PathAway Pro: "Perfect for Off Road Navigation!”, “Best GPS App yet!I”, "All other programs have fallen behind now! So just super. Now, the dream tool is here!!", " The cool thing is that you can layer maps and switch between them. I have used this for flight, boating and hiking."

PathAway GPS 5 Professional Edition for iOS is available for purchase on the iTunes App Store. Current owners of PathAway Lite and Express can upgrade via in-app purchase for a discounted price. These Apps are also available on the Android platform. Free support is provided via online contact form or the PathAway Support Forum.

About MuskokaTech Inc:
Founded in 1999, MuskokaTech is a leading global provider of GPS navigational, mapping, and tracking software for the mobile computing devices. The company's flagship product, PathAway, is used by outdoor adventure enthusiasts engaging in activities such as hiking, cycling, touring, aviation, boating, rally racing, athletic training and more. Professionals use PathAway in areas such as mapping/GIS, tourism, mining, military training, wildlife study, location surveying, site inspection, field data collection, search and rescue and more. PathAway is distributed internationally on and through retail partners. It is available in 9 different languages.

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